Monday, 28 September 2015

On returning to developments, new beginnings and future plans

After a hiatus of just over a year, new development work has begun on the WISERD DataPortal.

The previous version remains at the same URL as previously ( This will remain in place for the foreseeable future, while developments on the new "version 3" of the DataPortal continues.

Version 3 of the DataPortal is close to a complete rewrite, though all the previous data will be retained. The objective is to have the new version use updated software libraries and technologies, and be easily expandable to have the features required for the most recent WISERD projects demands.

And approximate run down of the new software stack follows:

Frontend - Bootstrap, leaflet, datatables, jquery-ui

Backend - Python/ Django (webserver and database models/access), Gunicorn, Nginx

Database - PostgreSQL, PostGIS

Ancillary tools - MapShaper, Redis, Celery

More info to come!

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